Action Center

New York Aviation Jobs Act

The New York Aviation Management Association (NYAMA) led the efforts to pass the New York Aviation Jobs Act. The enactment of this legislation in Septmeber will be critical to New York’s ability to continue to sustain and expand the demonstrated state revenue enhancement and job creating power of the state’s aviation industry. NY has lost nearly 700 job- and income-generating aircraft since 2002 as a result of more favorable tax treatment and aggressive marketing and airport-development strategies undertaken by other states in our region. Read More>>>

Airport Improvement Program

NYAMA urges the Legislature to fully fund AIP at minimum $6 million which should also ensure that the full amount of capital funding ultimately appropriated to the State Aviation Capital Grant Program can be used for the important purposes of that Program and not to make up the shortfall in the AIP program. Read More>>>

State Aviation Capital Grants Program

The New York Aviation Management Association (NYAMA) is urging that the Executive Budget be amended to dedicate $40 million to fund the State Aviation Capital Grant Program over the no-growth level of $10 million. This $40 million appropriation should be the minimum annual allocation each year over the next Five Years of the Transportation Capital Plan. Read More>>>