NYAMA Member Profile
Lee Weitz, Deputy Director Buffalo Niagara International and Niagara Falls International Airports

Buffalo Niagara International Airport (BUF) Deputy Director Lee Weitz has a simple mandate: Provide safe, secure, clean, reliable and efficient facilities for the five million annual air travelers who use BUF.

The customers who have made Buffalo Niagara International the state’s third-busiest airport always take priority, Weitz points out, because they’re not just passengers who need and expect great service – they’re also part of the local community.

The community that Weitz takes such great care to serve gives back to its airport in some very special ways, he says.     

Buffalo’s Ambassadors Program, which provides free assistance and information to passengers, is staffed by more than 50 volunteers from the region who combine to donate more than 7,000 hours annually. Then there’s the Paws for Love Program, which features more than 75 volunteers donating nearly 2,000 hours annually with service pets at the airport, interacting with and comforting passengers.

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