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2014 State Budget Round-up

With the passage of all the budget bills and with the Governor’s approval on March 31, the Legislature has now passed four on-time budgets in a row.

NYAMA sought to have included in the budget $10 million for the AIR 99 airport capital program, a fully-funded AIP state match program for the federal Airport Improvement Program and the language from the Aviation Jobs Act (AJA) legislation to exempt general aviation aircraft from the state’s sales and use taxes.

The budget does include $10 million for AIR 99 but, similar to last year, some of this funding (as much as $3 million) may be used to cover the expected shortfall in the AIP program funding level. While NYAMA agrees that the state AIP program needs to be fully funded so as to maximize the amount of federal funding available to New York, the shortfall should not be made up with the limited AIR 99 funding. NYAMA will continue our efforts to have the AIP deficit funded in a way that will not reduce the AIR 99 appropriation this year. NYAMA seeks to address this underfunded AIP issue and the establishment of a permanent, more robust state airport development capital program in the next 5-year transportation capital plan to be released by NYSDOT in a few months.

The AJA tax exemption language did not make it into the final budget despite being included in the Senate’s one-house budget bill and the strong push by NYAMA in the Assembly and with the Governor’s office. NYAMA will continue to pursue the legislation, S.273-B (Larkin)/A.3677-B (Lupardo), which the Senate is expected to pass again prior to the scheduled June 19 end of the 2014 session.

Thank you to everyone who came to Albany to support NYAMA's Advocacy Day! Be sure to watch our weekly e-currents newsletter and nyama.com in the coming weeks for additional ways you can help the aviation industry in New York State!

URGENT!!! Aviation Jobs Act Pending in State Budget

Contact your Legislators

Act NOW!!!

 Act Now to Support the New York Aviation Jobs Act Aircraft Sales Tax Exemption Included in Senate Budget.

NYAMA strongly encourages our members to support the Aviation Jobs Act which the state Senate has included as part of their proposed budget (Senate bill 6359C, Part XX). This measure would exempt general aviation aircraft purchased in New York from sales and use tax as is done in neighboring states.

With the Aviation Jobs Act language in the Senate Budget, it is critical our members contact legislators now as a joint conference committee is being convened to finalize the budget. To achieve success, the Aviation Jobs Act must be included in the final budget report from the conference committee.

Since this legislation was introduces, NYAMA, the NBAA, and the LIBAA have been working directly to build support for the exemption, however, now that the proposal is in the Senate budget, legislators must hear directly from their constituents.

When contacting your legislators, members should consider making the following points:

  • The Aviation Jobs Act will encourage operators and aviation companies to locate in New York generating job growth and adding to the tax base.
  • Since the sales tax exemption for maintenance and repair of aircraft was enacted in 2004, New York has attracted significant investment in aviation services and experienced job growth. This growth will continue with the aircraft exemption.
  • States such as Massachusetts and Connecticut have seen an increase in aviation activity and additional tax revenue after implementing similar aircraft sales tax exemptions.

Contact your state legislators now and encourage them to include the Aviation Jobs Act in their final budget!

Contact your State Senator

Contact your State Assembly Member

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Sign-up with the National Alliance to Advance NextGen

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has launched a new initiative to get NextGen off the ground. The National Alliance to Advance NextGen is advocating for federal funding and implementation support for this new, promising technology that will safely guide pilots to their destinations with satellite signals instead of the less accurate conventional radar systems currently in use.

Sign-up today to support NextGen!


The New York Aviation Management Association (NYAMA) applauded NY Governor Andrew Cuomo's decision to issue a proclamation to proclaim the month of May as "Aviation Appreciation Month" in New York.

"Governor Cuomo continues to demonstrate his support for aviation in New York, recognizing the critical role that aviation plays in the economic prosperity of the state," NYAMA President Chad Nixon said. "The Governor and legislative leaders are to be commended for promoting the growth of this sector, which represents 5% of total state employment."

The Governor's proclamation was in part a response to a resolution adopted by both houses of the legislature to support and celebrate aviation in New York. The NYAMA-crafted Legislative Resolution was sponsored by Senator William Larkin (Cornwall-on-Hudson) and Assemblywoman Donna Lupardo (Endwell), who are the co-chairs of the NY Legislative Aviation Caucus, which has 100 members from among the state legislature.

"I'm happy to see Governor Cuomo joining the Legislature in recognizing May as Aviation Appreciation Month in New York," said Senator Larkin. "Aviation plays a critically important role in our state and I hope the Governor and Legislature can continue working together to make this industry even stronger going forward."

"The aviation sector in New York is such a vital part of the state's overall economy," said Assemblywoman Lupardo. "We as legislators need to support initiatives to promote aviation in ways that allows our airports and businesses to better compete in the region for related jobs and investment. I appreciate Governor Cuomo's leadership in bringing attention to aviation as an economic generator and vital transportation service for our state."

Click here to read the full proclamation.



Aviation Projects Fuel Economic Activity

With the passage of the FAA Reauthorization Bill, the federal share of funding for airport projects was decreased from 95% down to 90%. Typically, the remaining share is split between New York State and the local community. Unfortunately, the New York State budget for this share is still flat at $4 million. As the local share is doubling, NYAMA will continue to advocate for increasing the state match on the AIP appropriation to $8 million to account for this increase. Below are airport projects collected regionally as samples of the economic activity generated by such funding:

Please tell your state and federal representatives that you support investment in local airports, local jobs and the local economy.

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