NYAMA Member Profile: Jeremy Martelle/CHA Consulting

Jeremy P. Martelle says he is often amazed but never surprised by the unselfishness of NYAMA members when they advocate for government resources.
“I think the biggest challenge we face is irregular funding,” NYAMA’s president says. “Years ago, it was, ‘Grant applications go in, grants get approved, grant funding goes out.’ Today, with the unpredictability in Congress, uncertainty over FAA reauthorization, all these issues, it simply makes it very difficult to plan. It’s difficult for airports to plan for projects, and for consultants to plan on revenue.

“And close on the heels of that, the other major challenge is that the fight becomes fiercer for whatever funds are in fact available. So I find it remarkable how the members of NYAMA, with some of the state’s biggest airports represented on our executive board, never take a ‘me-first’ approach. Not once, and I mean not once, have I heard or seen anyone in NYAMA talking to government officials or advocating our position publicly in a self-interested way. It’s always a big-picture perspective, always unified. It’s not a competition, it’s really more camaraderie. And that’s the way it should be.”

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